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Animals - Sam Taplin

Animals - Sam Taplin shop >>

There are dozens of different animals to discover in this fun sticker book. With over 450 stickers, children will love placing the right stickers on the different scenes. Themes include the zoo, pets, under the sea, wild animals, farm animals and more. WARNING! Not suitable for children under 36 mon.. Zistiť viac >>

Illustrated Adventures Stories

Illustrated Adventures Stories shop >>

This is a rip-roaring collection of knuckle-whitening adventure stories retold for younger readers. It is full of colourful illustrations from the Usborne Young Reading Programme. It contains the stories from: "Don Quixote", "The 39 Steps", "The Count of Monte Cristo", "The Prisoner of Zenda" and "T.. Zistiť viac >>

Illustrated Classics

Illustrated Classics shop >>

Follow the drifting journey of Huckleberry Finn and his friend Jim escaping down the Mississippi River, discover the changing faces of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and follow David Balfour's story of kidnap and survival all in this thrilling compilation of classic adventure stories. A joy to share togeth.. Zistiť viac >>

Broken Sky - L. A. Weatherly

Broken Sky - L. A. Weatherly shop >>

Welcome to a 'perfect' world. Where war is illegal, where harmony rules. And where your date of birth marks your destiny. But nothing is perfect. And in a world this broken, who can Amity trust?.. Zistiť viac >>

Illustrated Ghost Stories

Illustrated Ghost Stories shop >>

A collection of illustrated tales of ghosts, ghouls and other unexplainable apparitions. This mix of original stories and retellings is presented in an attractive padded hardback format, with a ribbon marker for keeping your place... Zistiť viac >>

If I Was Your Girl - Meredith Russo

If I Was Your Girl - Meredith Russo shop >>

Selected as the launch title for the Zoella Book Club. 'Important and brave. Read this wonderful book, just read it.' -- Jennifer Niven, author of All the Bright Places My name is Amanda. I’m 18. When you look at me, you might see that I’m pretty and popular; you might think my life is easy. But.. Zistiť viac >>

See Inside Planet Earth - Katie Daynes

See Inside Planet Earth - Katie Daynes shop >>

Delve deep into the mysteries of Earth's geography to reveal the hidden secrets of life on our planet. This title includes double page spreads on mountains, deserts, the oceans, the atmosphere and icy landscapes such as Antarctica, each one bursting with flaps to lift to reveal scientific and natura.. Zistiť viac >>

Stories From Around the World

Stories From Around the World shop >>

This is a fantastic treasury of stories from around the world, retold for young children. It contains five traditional tales with illustrations from the "Usborne Young Reading Programme": "Aladdin and his Magical Lamp" (Persia), "Brer Rabbit Down the Well" (United States), "How Zebras Got their Stri.. Zistiť viac >>

How Elephants Lost Their Wings with CD - Lesley Sims

How Elephants Lost Their Wings with CD - Lesley Sims shop >>

Eight titles in the popular "First Reading" series are re-issued with hardback covers with audio CDs inserted into a wallet inside the back cover, making this book and CD easy to store together. "The Young Reading" series is developed with reading expert Alison Kelly from Roehampton University to he.. Zistiť viac >>

Magical Stories For Children - Lesley Sims

Magical Stories For Children - Lesley Sims shop >>

This is a fantastical treasury filled with magical tales, perfect for young children. It contains five stories adapted from the `First Reading` series: `The Magic Pear Tree`, `The Golden Goose`, `The Magic Porridge Pot`, `The Wish Fish` and `The Three Wishes`. Each tale is beautifully illustrated an.. Zistiť viac >>

Pirate Stories - Russell Punter

Pirate Stories - Russell Punter shop >>

A collection of seven tales of piracy and adventure suitable for reading aloud to young children or for older children to read themselves... Zistiť viac >>

Illiustrated Norse Myths - Alex Frith

Illiustrated Norse Myths - Alex Frith shop >>

A brand-new collection of Viking myths that tell the story of the Norse gods from creation to the story of how the world will end, including Odin's quest for wisdom, the battles of Thor the thunder god, and the tale of Sigurd the Dragonslayer and the curs. Beautifully bound with head and tail bands .. Zistiť viac >>

How Things Work - Conrad Mason

How Things Work - Conrad Mason shop >>

This is an amazing flap book packed with inventions, machines, gadgets and devices, and facts and information about how they work. Over 90 flaps reveal the insides of car engines, toilets, escalators, submarines and microwaves and many, many other machines. It includes internet links to websites wit.. Zistiť viac >>

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